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5330 Yonge St

North York, ON

Tel: (647) 748-4646

About North York

Located directly north of Old Toronto between Etobicoke and Scarborough, North York is one of Toronto’s most beloved suburban districts. Not only does the area have an impressive history (it was created as a township in 1922 as the Township of North York), its rapid growth over time has led to it becoming a multicultural area. There are many aspects of North York that make up the vast proportion of Toronto living, from its university, historical sites, and various unique neighbourhoods, to the diverse food and entertainment scene, North York has become a city within a city.

North York includes a wide range of neighbourhoods including The Bridle Path, Hogg’s Hollow, Lawrence Park, York Mills, Willowdale, Bayview Village and Jane and Finch. Hot Impression Restaurant is located in Willowdale.

Willowdale began as a postal village (orig. Willow Dale) which covered the area from Finch Avenue at the north to Elmwood Ave at the south and Bathurst Street at the west to Bayview Avenue at the east. The postal village of Lansing was from Elmwood Ave. at the north to approx. Hwy. 401 at the south and Bathurst St. at the west to Bayview Ave. at the east. (East of Bayview Ave. was the postal village of Oriole.) The north–south centreline of both Lansing & Willowdale was Yonge Street. The postal village of Lansing remained in existence until the post office at Lansing corner (northwest corner of Yonge St. & Sheppard Ave.) was closed. When a new post office was built in Willowdale, the postal villages of Lansing and Willowdale were combined as the new postal village of Willowdale, within the Township of North York.

North York City Centre is centred at the intersection of Yonge St. and Empress Avenue/Park Home Avenue and is commonly thought to be the core of Willowdale, as well as North York itself, though its high-rise residential and commercial development sets it apart from much of the rest of Willowdale. The Willowdale neighbourhood consists of single-family homes, condominium townhouses and high-rise condominium towers. High density development is restricted along Yonge Street.

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